Making A Ruckus

Making a Ruckus highlights the work of women artists and their commentary on matters of international peace and security.  



photo from Maiden Voyages Project

During the winter (2013) The Center for Book Arts in New York exhibited the Maiden Voyages Project. The project showcased the work of Valerie Hird and four women living in the Middle East—Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian West Bank, and Iran. The women never met, but collaborated through journal entries and illustrations to explore gender and identity issues in a new way. Hird says of the project, “I created Maiden Voyages in order to move beyond Western media reportage of war and conflict and look at the specific lives of individual women from the Middle East; to make the experience of being female from once culture accessible to another. I wanted to recognize that women can have a shared experience within the rhythms and routines of daily life and still be very different women from very distinct cultures.”

The exhibit is no longer showing at the Center for the Book Arts, but you can check out the journals that the women collaborated on here.