From the Desk Of…

GetAttachment.aspxFrom the Desk Of…” challenges the dominant narratives about international peace and security by sharing notable quotes, anecdotes, prose and poems about women, peace and security. These are tidbits that float across my desk from time to time. Do you have something you would like to share from your desk? Drop me a line!

In 1955, Dag Hammarskjold flew to China to meet with President Zhou Enlai to secure the release of American prisoners of war captured during the Korean War. This is what he said, “It does not mean that I appeal to you of that I ask you for their release. It means that—inspired also by my faith in your wisdom and in your wish to promote peace—I have considered it my duty as forcefully as I can, and with deep conviction, to draw attention to the vital importance of their fate to the cause of peace…Their fate may well decide the direction in which we will all be moving in the near future—towards peace or away from peace….”

Fulfilling the Mission: Empowering the UN to Live Up to the World’s Expectations, D. Ikeda 2006 Peace Proposal

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