From the Desk Of…

GetAttachment.aspx “From the Desk Of…” is my new initiative this year to challenge the dominant narratives about international peace and security by sharing notable quotes, anecdotes, prose and poems about women, peace and security. These are tidbits that float across my desk from time to time. Do you have something you would like to share from your desk? Drop me a line!

What do the women say about making peace?  Here are a few lines from Sanam Anderlini’s excellent book, Women Building Peace.

“What kind of peace do we have if the men who raped and killed women now sit in the government?”–Claudine Tayaye Bib, Congolese peace activist

“You need us because we women are willing to sit together on the same side of the table and together look at our complex joint history, with the commitment and intention of not getting up until—in respect and reciprocity—we can get up together and begin our new history and fulfill our joint destiny.”–Terry Greenblatt, an Israeli, speaking before the UN Security Council, May 2002

“Peace is made between peoples and not between leaders. A process that should lead to a political solution that is sustainable and consequently permanent…should not be left to the confines of the gener als, and should be transparent to the relevant societies.” –Maha Abu Dayyeh Shammas, a Palestinian speaking before the UN Security Council, May 2002